Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Rocking Chair

About a week before Macy's birthday, I impulsively decided that I wanted to fix this old rocking chair that my siblings and I had as babies. Here is a picture of the chair back in the day (the one my brother is sitting in).

Eva (4), Anna (2.5), and Jake (1) -- I am totally making up those ages, but it looks about right, right?
 So, I asked my father-in-law how long it would take me to sand and refinish this little rocker, and his response was basically "a lot longer than it would take ME to do." So, knowing that neither of us had any time to take on this project, we went to work. Jim did his magic down at the shop, sanding and staining and spraying, and of course him and the rest of his crew did an absolutely beautiful job! He handed the chair back to me a couple days later to finish it off with the seat cushion and backing. I do have a couple more details to complete (adding ties to the bottom cushion so it will stay on the seat, and putting some trim around the unfinished outer edge of the seat), but it was certainly finished enough to show to Macy at her party. So cute! I'll get some more pics up when I finish the rest of it, and of course I'll include a picture of her in it.

 I'm kicking myself for not getting a current "before" picture, but I'm sure you can imagine how it looked after sitting in a garage for 20+ years...

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